Hitting the next level of separation between realities: September 2021 Vibrational Wall…

This article will explain the next step in our collective ascension process as shown to me by guides at this point in time. By my guides I mean other aspects, or so called higher aspects, of my consciousness, residing in the non-physical and communicating with me at all times.

The reason I am writing this is, that in the last couple of months I have been sensing a lot of commotion and unrest in our human collective energy field on Earth, with many people getting anxious, scared, depressed, confused, uncertain what to do and afraid of the future. Or, alternatively, lulled into a deep hypnotic sleep.

My guides have also strongly indicated that my job from now on will be to step forward and start delivering these messages to those who want to her them, in order to help them navigate the coming steps in our vibratory ascension.

We are currently on the way to meet something which I, for lack of better term will describe as September Vibrational Wall. This process is already on the way and is becoming very palpable during the month of August. But the full scope of this energy will first hit us collectively in September, when we are meeting the next vibratory configuration functioning as a sort of sieve and separating coarser particles from the liquids.

In order to appreciate the full scope of the ascension process from 3D Earthly reality into higher and lighter dimensions, where we are currently heading as a unified consciousness, imagine our collective consciousness as an elevator in a 20 storey building. It is currently on the way up to the 20th floor.

On its way upwards, this elevator stops every now and pauses for a while on different floors, with people entering and leaving. There is really nothing extraordinary about this process – it is just people wanting to experience a part of that elevator ride, so they come in and leave again at their own wish. On the way up the elevator needs to become “lighter” in order to reach the top floors. In our human terms this “shedding weight” while reaching for higher dimensions is accomplished by shedding old beliefs, personal and material attachments, karmic themes, physical toxicity in our body etc.

And as we all know, not all passengers want to go all the way op to the 20th floor. Most of them will actually enter and leave at in-between floors. Usually it is very few, who actually need to go all the way to the top. So the elevator is usually pretty empty by the time it reaches top floors, with only a few people left in it. But those who take the ride all the way to the last floor will be able to enjoy the beautiful view from the roof terrace.

The difference is that an elevator ride is normally a neutral experience, while the process of actually ascending and experiencing a split between different dimensions can be uncomfortable, unpleasant and painful – just like any birthing process. And this is exactly what is happening right now.

This process of splitting the old reality from a new reality is an intrinsic part of ascension and can be compared to a birth. During labor, there are periods of contractions, where the baby is pushed outwards, and breaks between contractions, that thankfully allow us to recompose ourselves and prepare for the next one. So, what is happening right now on our collective level is pretty much the same. There are movements that propel us forward in an uncomfortable way, followed by merciful breaks allowing allow us to catch our breath and plateau for a while, while we gather strength for the next phase of collective contractions. And like in an elevator, at each plateau, or floor, or break, there is an exchange of people entering and leaving.

In this current configuration, people are entering and leaving our reality on certain agreed stages, or floors, so to speak, according to their own soul choices and the lessons they need to experience here. These floors are agreed on a collective level, and the choice of the individual to exit at a certain level is in accordance to one´s own soul plan and the collective plan.

At each new floor, or plateau, we are additionally undergoing a process of collective cleansing and shedding weight in order to be able to ascend and move further up in our collective elevator. This resembles a juicing process. If you have ever owned a slow juicer, you will know exactly what I mean. The function of the slow juicer is to separate the juice – the flowing, tasty, light part of the fruit or vegetable – from the coarser part, the pulp. And this is accomplished by means of slowly pressing the fruit through a rotating screw, where it gets crushed and refined in the process. In the end the pulp is pushed through a very fine sieve, and what is left is this wonderful, tasty juice. In spiritual terms, the process of “juicing” we are collectively experiencing these days, represents the separation of the more purified and refined vibrations from coarser vibrations – separating the juice from the pulp. And the important thing to understand is that both pulp and the juice have their important functions. Neither is better than the other. You cannot have a fruit or veggie with only juice or only pulp – the definition includes the two. So both are equally valid and equally necessary – just like it is necessary that there are beings that possess different vibrations, but exist together side by side in our physical and non-physical world.

And becoming “juicy”, refined, purified and tasty is by no means and easy task for us humans – but if it is what your soul has on its to do list, you are here for a wonderful and unforgettable spiritual and physical adventure!

Back to our elevator story: on the way to the top, the elevator will stop at many floors.  And there will be a noticeable difference between the floors. There might only be a few people entering and leaving the elevator on certain floors, while on busy floors with lots of office spaces there will be few people entering, but a lot of people leaving at one time. And the elevator will stay there longer with the doors open.

On each of these floors you will be “juiced” and cleansed, in order to keep reaching higher floors. If your energy configuration is not able to support this crushing, juicing pressure at these in-between floors, you will probably opt for a way out.

These days the opting out is commonly accomplished by agreeing to have installed an interdimensional energy device into one´s physical and energetic body. The purpose of this device is to open up an energetic tunnel to a certain non-physical dimension, allowing external possession and control of the physical body to take place. This device is designed to keep one´s individual consciousness firmly connected to the 3D level of pain and fear, by obscuring and blocking one´s connections with the Source and the sense of our innate divinity. Which makes one´s ascension process towards higher dimension very difficult, or virtually impossible. During this process the physical body often gets damaged to the point that it is no longer able to maintain its proper working order and sustain life forces, and the individual physically opts out of this level of reality game. This is what we will be witnessing increasingly from now on.

The described path is not straight and linear. It is full of seemingly unexpected stops and hindrances. But that´s what makes this game in consciousness so exciting.

Which brings us to our September 2021 energy wall.

Right now we are in the middle of a fundamental separation process between realities – and from this point onwards, for most people, there is no turning back.

The old world, represented by the pulp, is energetically coarse and more compact. It is based on fear, obedience and control – both controlling others and allowing oneself to be controlled. This reality is ruled by victim consciousness. It is based on feelings vibrating at the lower level of the scale: fear and anxiety, pain, anger, sorrow, self centeredness, greed etc. At this level we feel disconnected from our Source, from the Earth and other beings around us – other people, animals, plants, and invisible beings existing on other vibratory levels, who are not perceivable by our normal physical senses. We feel that any action is allowed, no matter what consequences it has on others and our environment, as long as it pleases and satisfies ourselves.  Or we might feel that we are a victim of circumstances, with no power to change our life whatsoever. This is a Dystopian version of our reality, and it has been present here with us all along. And this tendency is increasing in this particular version of reality.

On the other hand we have the new world, which exists on a higher vibratory level. It is governed by a sense of connection, a sense of love, harmony and unity among living beings and the Earth. A sense of empathy for others and nature. This is the future of our planet and the next step in our human evolution. This is the Utopian world that we have been waiting for, for such a long time.

Why is this important to understand? Because at this very moment we are in the middle of a massive split between the old and the new reality. This split is so palpable and real, that you can already easily feel it on the physical level in our society at this stage: people being split into two or more factions and opposing world views. People wanting to remain in the old reality are still choosing fear, control and protection paradigm, while those moving towards the new reality are propelled towards personal freedom, compassion and their own creative power. The old reality is becoming a dystopian level of the reality game, with plenty of possibility to experience fear, pain and suffering. It is a world which is on its way to implode and self destruct.

Yet you have to understand that these kinds of experiences are also important for the soul´s learning process, and are equally valid as the experiences of those, who opt for the new world and a much lighter, utopian reality. It is really all about the soul´s evolutionary choices.

By this time, most people have chosen, on a soul level, which reality they are going to end up in and experience in the coming years. So really, from now on there is no looking back. This is what this September energy wall is all about. There may be some which still might seem undecided. But most of us have made a choice by now and we will from now on individually be propelled towards a specific timeline, or version of reality, that we have planned to experience before our birth and that takes us either in the direction of the old or the new world. In this process you will also be automatically pushed towards being the exact version of you, that needs to behave in a certain way, in order to achieve the precise story line your soul wants to experience in this ascension.

Right now, many mistakenly believe and hope, that we are slowly returning back to normality. Things have apparently calmed down a bit, we are enjoying the summer, the good weather and outdoor activities, socializing and enjoying life, and many are certain that our good old normal life is just around the corner.  But this is not the case. Where we collectively are right now is just a plateau, a temporary break, just one of the floors where your elevator needs to stop on its way up. What I have been sensing for some time now is a massive, compact energy configuration we will meet in September, which means that instead of normality returning, events are going to intensify and accelerate in unprecedented ways.

Those of you who are sensitive might have been sensing a particular accumulation of some sort of energy in our human collective, increasing in strength. And this is what we are going to meet very soon – the next floor on our elevator ride.

My intuitive guidance has explained it to me in the following way: imagine you are taking a plane to a new destination. You are sitting there, all excited, with your seat belt on and ready to start the journey. The plane will first slowly roll on the runway, until it reaches the spot where it is going to stop and wait for clearance to take off. At that precise moment everything stands still – the passangers and cabin personel sit there buckled up and ready for the flight, knowing that the plane will start accelerating and leaving the ground the next minute. And when it does, there´s no turning back. There is no going out of this plane. You cannot leave it anymore – it is too late. So your only option is either to accept and enjoy the flight, or endure it and hope it is soon over.

So, whatever has been happening for the last 1,5 years is just an introduction. The slow rolling of our collective plane on the runway, preparing to take off. If you think things have been intense so far, you have yet to see the next level of intensity. Instead of things returning to normal, from September on things are going to become more intense and start accelerating. Because we are now reaching the next level of collective cleansing and reharmonizing. Energetically speaking, we need to pass through a pretty solid “wall” of compact energy, that will function like a sieve and further separate the pulp from the juice. At this point, and at all times, you need to remember, that it is YOUR PERSONAL frequency level that defines, which reality you are going to tune in to – the old or the new one. And that you have a big say in shaping and forming your own frequency and your personal reality. The cleaner and lighter it is, the easier you will move through this challenging period.

So in the coming months, starting from September, we will be witnessing increased polarization in society, increased amounts of pressure on our liberty on all fronts, public unrest and people getting ill and starting to exit from your reality. This might also include family, friends and relatives. The exact scenario of events is dependent on your personal soul path and what your soul needs to experience in this process. So everyone´s individual experiences will vary.

As the vibrations keep rising, people who opt for the old world will be leaving our collective elevator in larger numbers at certain floors. We will start witnessing ideas and acts in our society that we find shocking, unjust and hard to comprehend. The polarity between light and darkness will become increasingly and painfully obvious. The amount of darkness currently present on Earth will also become more pronounced, as it will finally start revealing its true nature. Which is absolutely fantastic! Because it is easier to transform and heal something that is visible then invisible. As long as this energy is hiding in the shadows, as it has done for millenia, it avoids recognition and reintegration into the Whole.

In the process of this splitting of realities, people will experience those with a different vibration leaving their reality. Those who want to stay in the reality version of the Old Earth will lose sight of those heading towards the New Earth, and vice versa. We will simply no longer be visible to each other, as the two worlds and the beings inhabiting them will vibrate at very different frequencies. Much like the way we currently – or better to say yet – are not able to perceive light beings vibrating at a higher level, so they are not yet physically visible to us. We think they don´t exist, but they are all around us, invisible to our 5 senses.

In practical terms, people will experience those on a different vibratory level as dying. Since they will no longer be able to perceive them with their physical senses. But in reality, we will all just keep existing on different vibratory levels and inhabiting different worlds. That is the beauty and intricacy of this process.

So the more we can mentally and emotionally prepare for a period of chaos, deconstruction and reconstruction, the better. Because these global events offer an unprecedented opportunity for collective healing. Your task in the coming period is to become centered in your higher power and stay strong. No matter how dark and ugly things seemingly get from now on, remember that this is just a TRANSITION. It is going to take some time, but the old structures need to crumble as vibrations rise, so that a new cycle can begin.

This process is under way and cannot be stopped anymore – just like you cannot stop a labor. Once it has started, it cannot be stopped. The baby will be born no matter what. As a beautiful new potential for the future.

And you are the one making these changes in your own individual consciousness, which then affects the fabric of your physical reality.

This will present a wonderful opportunity for growth in consciousness and redefining who we are as humans, and what values are fundamental to our lives. This is our collective spiritual evolution.

When this transition is over, we will no longer be able to turn a blind eye to the destruction of the Earth and its species and the suffering of other human beings. We will no longer be able to sustain a consciousness of separation. We will start making different, empathic, loving, high vibratory choices for ourselves and our societies. Many things that previsously seemed impossible will suddenly become possible and feasible, as manifestation power automatically increases the higher we rise on our vibratory scale.

In other words, we will start approaching the era of Christ consciousness.

Enjoy the ride 😊


Ready to take the red pill and step outside of the Matrix?

Mondays at 19:00 CET (Copenhagen time)

From the middle of September I will be hosting weekly online group healing and cleansing events, to support you on your ascension journey. These events are for those of you who wish to be the catalyst for change and dive deep into our collective transformational processes. We will be cleansing and repairing your physical and energetic structures in order to start unplugging you from the 3D collective Matrix and anchor you back into your own Creator consciousness.

Examples of coming topics:

  • Cleansing the influence of environmental pollutants and physical toxins
  • Inherited negative influences from ancestors´energy in the families
  • Karmic cleansing and harmonising
  • Dealing with consciousness parasites
  • Changing old limiting beliefs
  • Presence of hurt and anger in our system
  • Betrayals from others
  • Ability to accept the coming changes and go with the flow
  • Radical forgiveness as radical unburdening
  • Increasing your vibration
  • Activating your energy body
  • Pineal gland support
  • Your soul potential
  • Realizing your role in the world

Events will be donation based, with a minimum price. You pay according to your means via Donate button (card / Pay Pal) or through the Danish Mobile Pay system.

If you are unable to attend the event, you will be able to purchase a recording later on.

For more information, please see announcements on my website and my Facebook wall.

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