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We live in changing and turbulent times. Old structures crumble, while time and events accelerate day by day. Our world has seemingly become an unpredictable, fearful and chaotic place, where we have lost control over our reality and our connection to our Source.

But this is just one part of the equasion. Right now, there is a new world emerging in front of our eyes.  We live in a period of incredible spiritual opportunities. We are witnessing the birth of new Earth realities existing on higher vibrational states with much faster and purer frequencies.

And it is our personal vibrational frequency stamp that will determine which reality we are tuning into and experiencing as our version of Earth.

The choice is always ours. We can either stay in this vibratory realm, or take it to the next level. However, if our civilization is to survive and thrive, we need to become lighter and learn to operate on a more loving and harmonious frequency. This is our future. This is our collective task. And the time is now.


The ascension process is the spiritual antidote of feeling fearful, lost and spiritually disconnected. It is a journey Home.

A gradual unburdening from traumas, beliefs, memories and feelings which are no longer compatible with the new vibrational frequencies we wish to call our new home. It creates a deep shift in perspective and starts reconnecting you to a lighter, more expanded and more authentic version of you, vibrating at a higher rate.

You will start regaining access to your beautiful, bright energy core. Access to the way you truly were before feelings of fears, guilt and inadequacy took hold and distorted your natural energy flow. Access to the one you always are underneath all those layers: a beautiful bright energy being, ever connected to the Source.

Are you ready to begin your journey Home?

You will be shedding layers of experiences, feelings and beliefs accumulated in this and other lifetimes, as well as ancestral and collective memories of traumas and imbalances.

Much like shedding old garments that no longer fit you. This process is so natural, that you don´t have to struggle or do anything.  The only thing you have to do is breathe and allow your bodymind to unburden.

This will start reconnecting you to your divine essence, to a higher vibratory state and to your original energetic blueprint.

You will start collecting seemingly scattered pieces of your life stories and weave them into a bigger picture of your life as your soul´s evolutionary learning path. The in turn produces feelings of peace, clarity, joy, gratitude, connection to all that is, a deeper sense of who you are and greater acceptance of your role in this world.

Look at the immense starry sky at night. Are you ready to begin your journey Home? I will be meeting you there.

With much love, Zrinka Julijana

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Feedback from workshop participants:

That was profound. I have never had such a deep dialog with my own heart. Questions that you put just took me deeper and deeper into a listening, a hearing, an awareness. That was glorious. And I am amazed that the strength of the energetic connection between us participants was so palpable. Although I have not met most of you. So thank you, thank you, thank you.


Workshop “The Healing Power of Love”
February 2021

About Zrinka Julijana

Zrinka has had natural seer and healer abilities since childhood. In 2007, after a spontaneous kundalini activation, she experienced an intense spiritual awakening process, which took her way beyond the confines of 3D and completely altered her perception of reality. This prompted  a shift in her career towards being a therapist, healer and spiritual teacher.

Zrinka has been working professionally with clients since 2011,  with a background in kinesiology, energy medicine, Bowen therapy, BodyTalk, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, Matrix Energetics and Theta healing.  Her own specialty is channelled spiritual healing,, where she by means of her voice clears and balances the client´s or group´s consciousness field, resulting in better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

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Feedback from clients:

I had a long course of illness behind me - stress, burnout and depression. I had no idea how important a process I was going into when I first opened the door to Zrinka's clinic. I thoroughly cleaned up my old stories and healed old wounds, and I am proud that I am now well-established with my own business, live a balanced life with my two girls and have a better relationship with my family than ever before.
I am a huge fan of Zrinka and highly recommend her to everybody I know. Her access to the human psyche through the back door  is absolutely magical!

Tina B.


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  When we talk about moving toward higher

  When we talk about moving toward higher

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