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The ascension process is the spiritual antidote of feeling fearful, lost and spiritually disconnected. It is a journey Home.

Intro course: From 3D to 5D. The journey from fear to love consciousnessYou

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3D-5D Course

Course in Denmark 2019The Ascension process is a gradual unburdening from traumas, beliefs,

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Course in Denmark 2019

About Zrinka

Zrinka has different kinds of settings to help you receive the best support for your journey. Apart from offering a full range of bodywork, BodyTalk Facilitation and healing sessions, Zrinka provides support for people dealing with grief, loss, illness and life transitions. She also works on energetic clearing, energy balancing and holistic wellbeing for mind, body and spirit through healing treatments as well as her own unique Lightwork practice.


What they say

Anne O. 

I have scoliosis. Zrinka downloaded what it had been like to be me before I was born, when I was conceived, born, newborn - toddler. She saw my life. And she redeemed. Changed the alchemy in my body. This is how it felt…
When I sit up on a chair now… I know… that Zrinka changed something inside me. It is 100% noticeable. Physical.

Lars H.

Thank you very much for a beautiful channeling. I feel inner calm and my body feels expanded.  Simple thoughts.  A smile on my face. Thank you for your initiative. Looking forward to next Sunday.

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