Course in Denmark 2019

The Ascension process is a gradual unburdening from traumas, beliefs, memories and feelings which are no longer compatible with the new vibrational frequencies we wish to call our new home. It creates a deep shift in perspective and starts reconnecting you to a lighter, more expanded and more authentic version of yourself, vibrating at a higher rate.

Julia A.


Dear Zrinka 💚
Thank you so much for yesterday 💚🌈✨ ... it was a great day and I was completely done when I got home. I could not talk and I just lay on the couch and ate cookies and had to make chicken 😂 ... until 24 o'clock then it changed so I could go with my dog💚 ... everything is fine I am very happy to be talked into the high frequency ✨ ... and there is SO peaceful and spacious inside 💚 .
Have the most beautiful day with you 💚


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