Sessions with Zrinka 

What to expect

I work with a broad range of issues, depending on where you are on your life path and what you are ready to release. The sessions are 100% tailored to your personal needs. Throught the session I will be chanelling clairvoyant data necessary for the shift in you to occur. This is experienced as a deep and powerful transformational process – much like the bird Phoenix rising from the ashes.

A session typically involves:

  • Energy reading to find the imbalances in the bodymind
  • Channeling information about your life path, physical or emotional issues, mental blockages, life patterns, inherited influences and much more
  • Clearing and transforming layers of stagnant low vibrational energy
  • Entrainment of your physical and non-physical bodies to a higher vibrational level
  • Activating a new potential for your future

I call this process The Unburdening.

The beauty of this process lies in its simplicity. It is natural. It is effortless. It is all about lightness and purification. You don´t have to do anything special during or after. You only have to listen to my words, breathe and give your bodymind the permission to release. It really is that simple. Your bodymind will know how to do its job. That is what it has been designed to do from the moment you came here into this earthly existence: to ascend.

The moment you sign up for the session, the energy starts working with you and transforming you on a subtle level. During the session, you will experience physical and emotional shifts and changes as I channel and encode the information down into the physical level. The energy will work on you as soon as I start speaking, even in the introductory phases of a session, so just being in touch with me is enough to get the information download.

Earth is not a place. It is a state of consciousness.

Zrinka Julijana

What themes can we work on?

We will often be working on several themes at once, as these sessions dive directly deep down to the core. The issues surfacing to be balanced can be:

  • Physical symptoms, injuries and diseases –both acute and chronic conditions
  • Emotional issues: anger, grief, fear, doubts, lack of self worth / self love /self acceptance
  • Mental issues: deep seated negative beliefs, subconscious sabotaging programs
  • Unwanted behaviours
  • Physical and emotional traumas
  • Stubborn unhealed life patterns expressing through relationships, jobs, money, etc.
  • “The bird´s eye view”: a spiritual explanation of the issues presenting and their significance as the soul´s learning process
  • Parallel incarnations affecting current life experience
  • Reconnecting to our deceased loved ones in the universal energy field and finding peace and acceptance
  • Entities and unintegrated parts of the soul – shadow work
  • Collective traumas and imbalances stored in mankinds´ collective memory affecting you on a personal level
  • Genetic level: negative influences from the family and ancestral lineage, often in forms of inherited beliefs and diseases
  • Parallel selves and future potentials
  • Kundalini process
  • Reconnecting with other levels of reality outside the 3-dimensional experience
  • Ascension process towards a 5D experience

It is never me personally, who sets the theme for the session or has a preconceived agenda about what needs to happen. I do not prepare treatment plans, test substances for you, or prescribe how many sessions you are going to need. I am just a vessel through which your individual bodymind and the universal  energy come into interplay. Neither you or me can control, or are able to know, what will happen in a session – it is always up to higher universal intelligence to decide and orchestrate. We just follow your bodyminds priorities and take it from there. That is what makes each session so fantastic, unique and tailored exactly for you.

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