I originally came to Zrinka to get some belly massage.

Zrinka's treatments have been indescribable. We never got to the abdominal massage, but the healing of old traumas, especially in my head, has been very surprising. I reacted very strongly to the treatments. The first 10 sessions required a lot of sleep afterwards. This is now decreasing. But trying to describe my experiences during the treatments would be like trying to describe an abstract painting or a work of art. It can never be adequate.

The result so far is more inner calm, a feeling of being balanced and safe, both in my brain and in my heart. There is “enough room” in my brain now and my heart feels peaceful. This only makes sense in comparison to my previous condition. A lot of old stuff is transformed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I'm not quite done with my treatments yet, but I'm doing so well. I have never before experienced this feeling of being in balance. The first 10 times I had to sleep at least 10 hours after each session, but this is changing now.

I am so glad that I listened to Zrinka's instructions about what my body would benefit from!

A trip I cannot remember I had booked – All Inclusive J



Birgitte I have had 2 sessions with Zrinka, a few months apart, for treatment of my lung problems and low lung diffusion capacity, which was due to some severe infections over the last 9 months.

After the first session the pain disappeared and after the 2nd session my lung function got back to almost 100%.
My lung diffusion has now returned to normal. I have just been to the pulmonary outpatient clinic for a preliminary examination. I feel so much better, too. My energy is almost normal.

Thank you very much for your help. My highest recommendations.


Maria D.

I had pain in my left hip and had to stop running and training. I was told by my doctor that I should take a training break and go for walks instead, but it only made the pain worse.
The pain in my left hip disappeared after my first treatment with Zrinka. I have consulted Zrinka several times since then, as the pain in my hip turned out to be connected to having lost my baby daughter in a premature birth. Zrinkas treatment helped me get to the bottom of my grief and reclaim my life joy, fighter spirit and a significantly greater physical well-being. For me, it has been fantastic to come to Zrinka and let my body tell me what it needs.

It allowed me to process the grief of having lost my daughter, stress and family problems, all of which have caused my physical issues and pains. Overall, I have gained much more energy and greater physical well-being.


Pia A. November 2018

I had a session with you in late October and am very amazed at the effect of your treatment.I have had a really good time since then and have been full of energy and optimism.

I still feel that I can find my way back to that open state through meditation, but should I fall back, I will book another session.
My metabolism has returned to normal after your treatment.
I have been given a role at the local theater in (city name omitted) and have been approached by a national TV station. So there has been a real opening. Thanks!

Update February 2020
Dear Zrinka, I hear that some of the colleagues from my school come to you for sessions and are very satisfied. I'm really happy to hear that. You told me in our first session that you could see me sing in front of an audience. I now have a steady job as an actor and will be singing in a children's show. It's pretty wild.
Thank you Zrinka.



I have had pain in my right arm for as long as I can remember. The pain would shoot up from the arm into the shoulder as I walked. In addition, I can not tolerate lactose and gluten, and have teeth that are not properly developed.

Zrinka has a wonderful way of quietly listening to one's body, while she at the same time listens to the Universe and does her energy work. I gained insights about a particular fear that was stuck in my arm from my fetal stage, about toxicity in my body and about limiting beliefs from my childhood which I never knew existed. Shortly after our 3rd session, I made a choice to change the direction of my life, realizing that I have not really lived as my true self. It's a great feeling to really acknowledge who you are and dare to live it out. Zrinka has helped me with that.

I've gotten incredibly better in my whole body after cleansing my liver from the toxicity I didn't know I was carrying around. I experience more clarity in my head, more energy, more joy, and even nicer skin and better digestion. Big bonuses. Our bodies are so intelligent and amazing, that they can carry a burden for us, while signaling what we are ready to let go of. We can figure some things out ourselves, but with other things we need help from amazing people like Zrinka, who have the ability to listen to the body's messages and at the same time to the Universe, and receive the messages that we need to hear.

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