Asthma and Cough Client Testimonial

Asthma and Cough

Right now, we are in the middle of cold / flu/ coughing season. You can´t help but notice it all around. People coughing on the train on the way to work and many are on sick leave these last few weeks.  Our usual winter routine in Denmark.

Personally, I have always welcome a week´s cold in the middle of the winter. My yearly routine usually involves going down with a cold sometime end of December or the start of January, almost as if my body has an inner clock telling me it is now time to get a bit unwell and cleanse my clogged inner channels. This cold or flu comes every year almost at the same time, like a dear old friend. It gives me time to rest, replenish,  lay under warm blankets, drink tea, sleep a lot, take it very easy and generally just take good care of myself.

Something I am not always good at due to my packed daily schedule. And when the week of sleeping, coughing, and blowing my nose is finally over, I usually feel much lighter and have much more energy. Which means that the body has cleansed while being ill.

As is the meaning. Honestly, everybody deserves a week of pampering oneself like that now and then.

Another thing coughing reminds me of,  is that I love treating all conditions related to lung and heart issues. Lungs and heart are one of my favorite areas, as many conditions manifesting in that areas have a strong emotional component attached to them. These organs are governed by the Heart Chakra.  When we release the underlying emotional conflict within the Heart Chakra,  these organs often respond favorably to treatment. I have often seen this pattern in clients with asthma, KOL, coughing, allergies, and the like, as well as heart and blood pressure conditions.



The problem I had was asthma and coughing a lot which could not be controlled/cured with normal medicine. I was already on treatment for 2 years before coming to the clinique. I think the asthma was a physical issue but it was heavily activated and  fueled by stress.

I had been diagnosed with asthma, I was on medication, and also seen a pneumologist, made x-rays, allergy tests etc for 2 years prior to coming to the clinique.

Zrinka´s treatment was very calming, comfortable, I didn’t know what to make of it at first but I was open and wanted a solution to my problem, therefore I accepted it with open mind, sometimes I even ended up falling asleep in a very deep state of relaxation.

Already after 2 sessions my coughing was reduced to less than half and after 4 sessions also gone almost completely. 

Follow up over the next 2 years:

I did treatment every 4-6 weeks sometimes also 8 weeks according to my time for maintenance and to help with my stress level as well. But the caughing only came back after I had a break for over 1 year and it was again fixed in 2 sessions. The treatment is very effective and I don’t take any medicine anymore.

The treatmnet is more holistic, it does address the issue you came with, but also it helps with other things you are struggling with, in my case stress, physical pain from sport injuries and generally being tired and under a lot of pressure.

I feel my mind and body a lot lighter and in balance after the treatment.

 I think most important is to have an open mind. But of course different people have different levels of understanding or accepting such treatments. Sometimes the information you receive might be overwhelming, but it is important to relax and focus on your healing process and your reason to be there, and you will see the benefits coming in a very short time and last very long comparing to medication or other treatments.


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Asthma and Cough

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