The end of Kali Yuga marks an end of an era

The end of Kali Yuga marks an end of an era. Not so much the era in the sense of passage of time, but an era related to the level of development of our collective consciousness. We are currently going through this process and the changes are all encompassing.

We are now entering another vibrational level, which marks the passage from the old to the new.

This is what is called the transition to the Age of Aquarius in astrological terms. Again, this should be understood from the perspective of evolution of our collective consciousness and not necessarily as fixed astrological predictions. I like to call the coming era the Age of Christ Consciousness on Earth. Since we are collectively changing and evolving towards a more advanced way of being.

How we navigate through these changes will define your future and humanity´s future. We can support this coming timeline by our presence on Earth. Our task right now is to be a firm beacon of light amid universal confusion and despair. The Ego is self-destructing, as this version of Earth I is reaching its end and a new version of Earth II is slowly starting to appear on the horizon.

In the transitional phases between the old and the new, as the old structures fall apart, there are parallel version of the two worlds existing side by side. The old one with all its cruelties and materialism and the new one with a more loving and humane approach to life. The culture of Death is currently running parallel with the emerging culture of Life.

At the end of the day, it is all about creating a future paradise on Earth for all souls💚

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