“You are going to fix me, right?”
I can´t count how many times I have heard the same conversation in my clinic. It´s almost like a pattern. A cliché. Because that is what it really is. A cliché reflecting a disempowered state of our global consciousness. And our words are so good at revealing such patterns. Bringing them to light. Which is what it is all about. Becoming conscious of our patterns. For that is the true path to healing.
When new clients first come to me, often the conversation goes along these lines:
“Well, yes, I also have this pain in my shoulder, and my digestion has not been working properly for a long time, and I often get these infections I can´t get rid of for weeks …. and besides I often get angry and frustrated at my partner due to lack of understanding … But you are of course going to fix me, right?
At which point the client probably expects me to say something soft, gentle, and reassuring, like “Oh, I am so sorry for your situation, poor you, of course I will try to help you as much as I can”.
But instead, they get a metaphorical fist in the face. Because I blatantly say: “No, I won´t. It is not my responsibility to fix you, or anybody else.
It Is your responsibility to take charge of your health and your life situation. And I know you are capable of doing that. Otherwise you wouldn´t be sitting in my clinic right now. You are more powerful than you think. And you have the power to fix yourself. I can only be a channel, a mirror of your own healing. But the responsibility and the power of healing is yours and solely yours”.
People are usually taken aback by my reaction. There is a moment of silence. A shock. Uneasiness. Some smile and try to joke and say “Oh, what a total disclaimer of responsibility for the client!”. To that I answer: “Yes, absolutely. You are right. I am my own responsibility and you are your own responsibility. We do not have responsibility for another. Only for ourselves.”
Some people become quiet and don´t know what to answer. This is not quite what they expected when they booked a session with this strange healer. Because, suddenly, she is challenging the well-established world view that we all unconsciously buy into: that we are all victims of circumstances and therefore powerless to change our lives, our circumstances and our reality. And our health.
And that is a downright lie. A false belief. But a well established one. It dictates our lives, behaviour, and expectations. We have been programmed from the earliest childhood to believe that others – usually authority figures – have power over us and that we are powerless to change our circumstances and get better.
So we get some symptoms. Physical, mental, or emotional. Go see our physician. Then down to the pharmacy. Get some pills. Prescription drugs. Which are going to fix us. Make us feel better. So we don´t have to start to examine the content of our own minds and circumstances in our lives. So we don´t need to stand eye to eye with suppressed pain and dark places inside our souls. Our painful childhood memories. Traumas from life´s betrayals and disappointments. All that inner pain now manifesting physically as discomfort in our body.
Sometimes the drugs work. Sometimes they don´t. Sometimes only partly. And when they don´t, we continue down the path of least resistance. Down the path of powerlessness. With more pills, creams, new drugs, or a different dosage.
When problems persist, we might seek help in the realm of alternative medicine. Get a massage or other alternative treatments. We lay our fate in the hands of these practitioners, hoping that they can fix us somehow.
And again, sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn´t. Or only partly. Because the path to true healing can be convoluted. Not always easy and straightforward, as we would want it to be. Not always the quick fix we are looking for.
And then you might come to somebody like me. And get a total disclaimer for that secure and efficient fix you came here for. I will try to pull you out of your programmed comfort zone, in which you give your power away to others. To medical practitioners, the media, well known experts, and other people who seem to know better than you. Because I want you to start regaining your true power over your destiny.

And this might actually be a game changer for you.
This is a general pattern I have seen with my clients over the years. Including myself. The pattern of powerlessness in the face of illness or difficult life circumstances. If I haven´t been traveling that road myself over the years, I wouldn´t be able to see the patterns or help people change them. But now I know I can. That is why I do what I do. Help people transform and take their power back to themselves.
All it really takes is courage.
Courage to face and see your past or family history from another angle of understanding. Courage to inspect the dark corners of your mind and emotions, because that is where the diamonds of your personal growth and healing potential are buried. Courage to acknowledge your traumas and your fantastic potential. Because you are not only your darkness and traumas. You are a unique spark of divine intelligence in motion. Containing both darkness and light. That is what we all are.
In my metaphysical book, darkness is just light not yet being fully aware of itself. So, when I dive into your energy system in a session, I see both your pain and your potential for healing and growth. Even if you are not able to see it yourself yet. This is why I can never get myself to say “Poor you” to my clients. No matter what their circumstances are. Because you are not poor. Such misplaced compassion would only stop you in your development tracks.
There is nothing wrong with you. You came into this physical reality to create precisely these life and health challenges that will give you the most propensity for your learning and growth. And you´d better use those opportunities wisely.
As some people say: “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.
Even the tallest, most majestic trees start as a seed. Then a tiny little plant. When you see a seed, do you think to yourself that the seed is poor because it has not yet reached its full development, becoming a majestic tree? No. You are aware that this is a part of the growing and developing process. It will reach its full potential in time. You rest assured in that knowledge. Such is the Nature´s cycle.
It is the same with us, humans. Every one of us starts as a seed and contains a divine seed of our full human potential. This potential gets expressed, polished, and refined over time by meeting and overcoming life and health challenges, as a method of learning and growing. So that you in the end can start resembling that beautiful, majestic tree. Full of wisdom and self-love.
When you do a session with me, I “see” beyond space and time and look for your deepest potential for healing and growth in the current circumstances. It might be expressed on the physical plane as body healing, or on mental, emotional, or spiritual planes as more subtle healing processes involving new ways of thinking and relating to the outside world. Whatever is possible for you at that particular moment.
But at the same time, I also see how this crisis you are going through will help you grow and develop those extra branches that in time will make you become a majestic tree. It is not yet visible to you, but when the process is finished, looking back, you will be able to see how this challenge has helped you with further soul growth.
And in order to access this nectar of wisdom and the new branches, we need to get you out of the victim role. This is what I am here to help you with: connect with your potential for healing, learning, and growth.
So, tending to our seed and helping it become a majestic tree is always our own responsibility. Nobody else can do it for us. A healer can only be a mirror of your own process and help you see the places that are still invisible to you. But a healer can not perform healing for you – even if it seems so when we look at things purely on the physical plane. Only your own seed can perform the miracle of healing. This always comes from the inside. Since your seed contains your individual blueprint from “above” and nourishment necessary for growth and correction of physical illnesses. In a session, my job is to talk to your seed and help it express itself in words so that your conscious mind can hear it. And make the necessary changes.
Some might consider me an atypical healer. I might seem tough and rough at times. Not always soft and understanding. But I don´t really care. I know that the biggest growth and miracles happen when I challenge clients to grow and change their view of what is possible for them. When I challenge them to start fixing themselves instead of expecting me to fix them. However unpleasant life outside their comfort zone without a powerful authority figure might seem.
I do not want to be perceived as a guru. Somebody who knows better. I might give you a lot of useful information in a session, but we are equals. I don´t want my clients to come again and again, in a state of confusion and powerlessness, not knowing what is causing their pain and problems. This is like forcing them to keep being small children in a kindergarten, year after year, without giving them the right books, tools, information, and a possibility to grow and access higher grades in school. So that I can charge them for session after session. No. I want people to understand their situation, and how they are capable of changing it. Or help people change their perception of the situation if the situation cannot be changed due to higher reasons. When you come for consecutive sessions, I expect you to make progress. And most of my clients absolutely do. In this sense, you could call me a teacher.
I love plants and flowers. In a way, I see people as trees. Starting with that tiny little seed of their full human potential. I love tending to the seeds and tiny plants, knowing that one day they will grow tall and become majestic. I fall in love with the potential of the seed when I see one. It´s what makes me tick. And because I love humans so much, I find the strength and courage to risk being unpopular and exert tough love. Pushing you out of your comfort zone, where your seed can get the optimum conditions to flourish and become self-aware.
Someday, the majestic tree will thank me for showing it the way. In spite of growing pains. Even if the young plant isn´t always thankful, or aware of what is happening. And honestly, that is enough for me.
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