War in Ukraine

Lately, several people have asked me about my opinion and thoughts about what is happening in Ukraine.

To summarize the point, this is not really about the war between 2 parties. Or several parties. The war is just the superficial version of events we are seeing playing out on the world scene. The real cause is much deeper, and the solution requires a change in our perception of ourselves and the world. It is our individual and collective inner darkness, and parasitic forces in our minds, we need to address, in order to come out of the mental states that inevitably and perpetually produce war, greed, conflicts, exploitation of other people, and destruction of our environment.

Unless we deal with our own darkness, and the darkness surrounding us, we will inevitably be repeating the same history of war after war after war. At this time in human history, we finally have the opportunity to step into a greater version of ourselves and our human societies and start accessing our true potential. Which will result in inner and outer peace. Because the vibrational frequency of the world is rising so fast now. So 2022 and the coming years are the beginning of that process. And the war in Ukraine is a stepping stone in a larger process of human awakening.

Here are excerpts from a recent interview with David Icke (28/2/2022) on “Light up the Darkness”, coupled with my own thoughts on the subject. David brilliantly summarizes what I have known and felt to be true for a long time.

We are in the midst of a spiritual transition, which many awakening people around the world now perceive as a spiritual war. But rather, it is a transition and opposition between lower and higher states of human consciousness.

At this point in history, we are looking at 2 different human races, because we are now looking at two completely different perceptions of the world. So we are already living in two different worlds on Earth. This is what I usually refer to as “the vibrational split”.

Lower states of human consciousness can be described by a concept called “wetiko”. It is a concept coined by Native American tribes. Wetiko is basically a spiritual disease of the human soul. A very low frequency consciousness. It is traditionally portrayed as a spirit who embodies greed and excess and can possess human beings. The wetiko was once a human being, but its greed and selfishness have transformed it into a predatory monster.

In order to feed itself with energy and keep surviving, this “inverted consciousness”, the spiritual predator, needs to keep human consciousness in vibrational areas of anger, hatred, fear resentment, regret, sorrow, etc. What happens is effectively a consciousness possession by wetiko. It subtly controls your perception of reality, while you believe that this is your own perception. Especially the mass media are experts at subtly controlling peoples` sense of reality and keeping them in low vibrational states by promoting greed, fear, anger, and separation.

However, if your heart is open and you are predominantly accessing higher, expanded states of human consciousness, wetiko has less power over you. It is still there, but its power is much diminished. Since the energies of love, joy, caring, and compassion do not feed wetiko and are higher than its vibrational range.

Higher vibrational states in consciousness are far more powerful than low vibrational states. This is one of the basic laws of the Universe. So as more and more people awaken to these higher states, the more will this energy start impacting the world and creating perceptible changes in our societies.

Consciousness becomes reality and creates the manifest world. So, as consciousness changes on this planet and more and more people awaken and start projecting this information into the collective field on Earth, that will change everything on our physical plane.

If you want to control all the fish in an ocean, you don´t need to affect each and every single fish. You simply affect the ocean. That is enough. In human terms, if you can get peoples´ collective consciousness to be residing in low-frequency states of fear and anger, then these people broadcast this low-frequency energy into the collective field. You can easily feel such low-frequency energies if you go into a room where people have just had a big argument. You simply feel it in the air. Or, imagine entering a room where people are happy and laughing. Or being at a freedom march. The energy feels completely different.

When you awaken, you start accessing this higher frequency and broadcasting love, joy, unity, and non-violence into the collective human field. And that is far more powerful than the low vibrations we have been kept in. Thus, everyone who is awakening and broadcasting high vibrations is changing the nature of the collective field. And this is the process by which the old world and obsolete societal structures will be coming down. It will be coming down through an energetic change, a consciousness change. The old world cannot survive that, and it knows it. That is why it is so desperate to keep control and create damage while it still can. It is terrified of The Awakening. Because this will be the end of it.

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War in Ukraine

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