The Healing Power of Nature

Corona lockdowns in Denmark have been an interesting maturation period in many respects. Both on personal and collective level. Many of us city dwellers, confined to our small apartments, have been seeking relief in nature – in the woods, meadows and by the beaches. In fact, although I have been a regular off and on visitor to our local wood for some years now, I have never seen so many people straling in the greenery as during  the last 12 months. Which is absolutely fantastic – the fact that people (including me) are finally waking up to the fact that Nature has something valuable to offer, apart from the food in supermarkets.

One thing strikes me as interesting though. I can´t help noticing how hardly present we are while we interact with the woods. As a civilization, we have forgotten how to just be in nature and merge with it. We might be physically present, but our minds are busy with everything else but the sounds and impressions of nature. The amount of people running and hiking with earphones on, listening to music or to other programs, is impressive. Groups of youngsters going around with ghetto blasters playing loud music. Others bike extremely fast through the woods. People walk in groups talking loudly and hardly noticing where they are. Somehow, all that feels quite unnatural to me, compared to the quiet and calming presence of Nature. And disrespectful in a way. We miss on such huge amounts of valuable information while we blindly run around the woods without stopping to notice where we are. Without being truly present.

Nature has its rhythms, its sounds, its invisible energies, its own flow. But us modern humans are mostly oblivious to it. Nature needs to be sensed, appreciated and felt on a non-verbal level. We need to hear the tiny sounds in the leaves covering the ground, feel the wind direction changing, smell the trees, feel the buzzing of the Earths knee-high electromagnetic field. I am quite sure that most people have never even heard of that field, let alone sensed it. Yet it is constantly there, and can easily be sensed if you are sensitive enough and tune into the Earths energy.

My own revelations came while I was walking in the woods with a friend and spontaneously decided to do an energy healing session due to her complaining of physical pain. This has happened several times with different people. We would typically find an undisturbed spot among the trees, sit down and I would do a session on them, just like I do in my clinic in the city. Yet what I was amazed at was the amount of natural energy that was available to us during healing. It was everywhere and seemed present in practically unlimited amounts. And then I was amazed at the way that the Earth absorbed the “heavy” / “dirty” energy being released from the person´s body. Normally, when I work in my clinic, this “dirty” residue stays lingering in the room after the treatment and you need to air it out and cleanse the space energetically when the client is gone. Sometimes it even has a certain heavy unpleasant smell to it. Even if you are not particularly sensitive, most people perceive a dense and unpleasant sensation in the room after the treatment. That is what I call the energetic residue. But not here. The Nature supplied infinite amounts of energy for healing and then cleansed it all afterwards. It was just so effortless and elegant. So… natural.

Needless to say, I got so inspired by it, that I have started offering healing sessions in nature instead of my clinic. For those who are open to that kind of experience. I would love to inspire people to a new way of being. Where we no longer believe that treatment needs to take place in a small enclosed space in a concrete building, where we are surrounded by electrical wiring and mobile radiation. As a matter of fact, such a setting is the exact opposite of true healing!

It is time to wake up to the fact that we are energetic beings and that we belong to Nature. To start perceiving Nature as our true home and sanctuary. To rever it for the enormous amount of energy and the healing power it offers.

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The Healing Power of Nature

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