What are you allowing into your sphere?

In today´s session with one of my clients I was again reminded of the importance of maintaining our inner purity and why we want to keep the temple of our soul free of unclean influences. If we want to maintain a sane inner balance. 

My client started the session explaining that she felt very odd and not quite like her normal self. I could also see it with my naked eye. She just did not look right. She presented with a series of emotional complaints, fear and unease related to other people (mostly her friends and acquaintances) and the fear of what these people could do to her. Seemingly a lot of compulsive negative interpretations and worst case scenarios.

Logically it all made very little sense to me, but when I scanned her energy field with my third eye, I saw that it indeed was badly disturbed. It had a distinct pattern of deep subconscious fear in it. I started tracing this fear back to its origins and could clearly see that it was actually this deep and imperceptible fear driving her out of her center and not the more superficial fears related to others, which she thought she was battling. These superficial fears were just a consequence of this deeper fear. 

I energetically perceived that deep fear like a black spear in the middle of her brain, blocking her clarity and making her fearful and helpless. Looking deeper into that spear shape, I sensed that it had been created by an external source and then impressed upon her subconscious mind. I also got the impression that it was something she had seen on TV, that made her subconscious mind frightened. When I asked her specifically what she had been watching lately, at first she couldn´t remember seeing anything unusual within the last couple of weeks. But then she remembered watching a crime series on TV not so long ago, which she admitted she didn´t like at all, because it made her feel uncomfortable. The series was about a couple of detectives investigating a particularly heinous type of crime. 

At this point I knew we were on the right track, because I could see the spear in her brain getting agitated and moving while we spoke about the series. I asked her to provide some more details about what she saw there, and her answers got more and more unsettling. This was indeed some pretty dark stuff. On a certain level, she was aware that she had actually allowed something poisonous to enter her energy body – but she didn´t know how to get rid of it. So I asked her permission to clear up that fearful energy from her brain and by the end of the session she was again her old self.

I then had to explain what happens when we allow negative external influences to enter our energy sphere, without protecting our personal barriers. This is not widely known, but both television and movies function as vehicles of strong hypnotic suggestion, because our brain goes into a certain brain wave pattern while watching. The information presented on the screen is allowed to pass into our subconscious mind almost without filter, so we easily absorb whatever we see and hear, like a sponge. This is why we tend to believe whatever we hear in the news, no matter how illogical it sounds, and why we can get so absorbed in a movie plot, that we forget who we are and where we are at that moment. We get sucked into that information field by means of screen hypnosis.

These days, the amount of poisonous information on TV and in the media is unprecedented. We are being bombarded by wars, catastrophies, murders, rapes – you name it. And then we even agree to spend our spare time entertaining ourselves with this content! But we need to be clear on one thing. This type of content runs on a very low frequency and the intention behind it is anything but benevolent. So what is really going on, on energy and consciousness level, is that we willingly consent to be hypnotized into ingesting energetic poisons that block us and makes us angry, fearful and stuck. The information codes inherent in this low-frequency content will be “archived” in our auric field without our conscious knowledge and volition, and will stay there for a long time exherting a subtle influence. I have seen it many times in my clinical practice with clients. I have even witnessed how this content can make us physically ill. 

And we have only ourselves to blame. We are the ones who willingly open doors and allow ourselves to be hypnotized into internalizing this content. It is like eating a poorly prepared meal made of bad ingredients and then wondering why our stomach hurts.

So your path to inner sovereignty starts right here, on your couch. In the living room. In front of your TV. 

Ask yourself: what am I allowing to enter my sphere today?

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