Technology and the Future

Technology and the Future

In the autumn of 2020, during one of my communications with my guides, I was given a very unusual piece of information. Which I did not fully understand at that time. My guides explained to me that a new type of technology was on the way and soon about to be implemented. A technology we have not quite seen before. They gave me a warning and said that this type of technology could be used to control and influence human beings in a detrimental way.

When I asked about the details, I was told that this new technology required 2 components in order to be functional and fulfill its purpose. The first component would consist of substances inserted into human body. The second component would be some kind of electromagnetic fields, or waves, or emanations, coming from outside the body and activating the components within the body. My guides emphasized again and again that both components should be present, both the one inside and the other outside the body, in order for this to work. Otherwise this technology would be useless.

At that time I didn´t have a clue as to why I was receiving this information, or what it all meant, since what I was being shown seemed very technical and way beyond my understanding. I am not a technical person and do not have enough scientific background to decipher something like a description of a new technology based on electromagnetic fields. So I guess they tried to explain it the best they could, given my limited understanding of the subject.

However, I have been receiving lots of information about different subjects from my guides over the years, including medical and technical data. This information has often been ahead of its time and would almost invariably prove to be correct later on, when I connected the dots and was finally able to understand it in the right context. It usually happens so that I get the information in advance. And then some time, or some years later, I find the same information in the press, on the Internat or in scientific articles. And then I realize that the information that I was given before matches what is being explained there. So over that years, I have learnt to trust the information that is coming from these invisible realms, even if I don´t always understand it fully.

Yesterday I stumbled upon a very interesting article about experiments in remote controlled brain communication. U.S. scientists have now achieved the previously unthinkable task of remotely controlling the brains of living beings. The beings, in this case, are genetically engineered fruit flies. But this is only the beginning.

The team used genetic engineering to express an ion channel in the flies’ neuronal cells that is activated by heat. Magnetic nanoparticles that become heated when a magnetic field is applied were injected into the flies, which were then placed in an enclosure with an electromagnet on top. When exposed to heat, the flies partially spread their wings. Not of their own volition, as their brains were remotely controlled. By changing the magnet’s field in a specified way, the researchers could heat the nanoparticles and activate the neurons. A video from experiments shows that flies with the genetic modifications assumed the wing-spread posture within approximately half a second of the magnetic field change.

Just like my guides showed me previously. There needs to be a component injected into the body (nanoparticles that can be activated) and then the outer activator, in this case heat and (electro)magnetic fields.

Neat. I love their precision. 🙂

The Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a research and development agency of the US Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military, is now working on a project to develop a headset that can read your brain’s neural activity and “write,” or encode, it to someone else’s brain, leading to direct human brain-to-brain communication. The headset will use light to decode neural activity in one brain and then, similar to the fruit fly study, use magnetic fields to immediately write that activity in another brain in less than one-twentieth of a second. Overriding the other brain´s natural function.

We indeed live in outstanding times. With brain hacking no longer being a sci-fi dream. What will be the next step and how will this technology be used? Every technology has the potential to be used or misused. Technology in itself is neutral. It is up to our level of consciousness to either harness it for positive or detrimental purposes.

The next phase of the brain control study entails demonstrating the technology in rodents and, if successful, moving on to humans within two years, although human tests could begin as soon as 2022.

Or perhaps the test has already begun. Without our informed consent.

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Technology and the Future

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