One of the signs that a civilization is on the decline is when the culture of death starts superseding the culture of life. The desire of death becomes more pronounced at the end of civilizational cycles. A cycle starts nearing its end and the civilization implodes and dies out, so that another cycle of life and a new civilization or life form can begin. A new state of consciousness is born, that replaces the old one, which disappears on its own volition.

This is nothing new. It happens cyclically on other worlds and it has happened on Earth many times. Remember the dinosaurs and ancient civilizations that now lay at the bottom of the sea?

Ancient holy scriptures talk about that, too. The great play of universal forces of creation and destruction, creating and destroying worlds, civilizations and life forms. Changing in intensity according to the part of the great cycle and the mini cycles within it.

We are currently living in one such end of a cycle. In Eastern tradition it is called the Kali Yuga, or the 4. age. The period where spirituality and morality are diminished and obscured. The age of darkness, where spirituality is eclipsed by selfishness and dogmatic materialism. A period where humankind walks around confused, afraid and despaired in spiritual darkness.

In the Bible, this period is called The Last Days. Referring to the inherent forces of implosion in this universal cycle, before a new explosion of consciousness and raising of vibration can take place.

This period will eventually be replaced by the Golden Age, the age that I call the beginning of Christ consciousness on Earth. With a new, much lighter and harmonious frequency. And we are here, each one of us, to assist in that birthing process, which requires this great shift in consciousness to occur.

Earlier this year, the World Health Organization issued new global guidelines on abortion Advocating right to abortion in all 9 months of pregnancy, all the way until the baby is born. Which gives legal possibility to terminate an almost fully developed child. This legislation is now slowly getting implemented in the first countries in the world that pioneer the process.

The love of death is indeed growing stronger.

If you have ever experienced a certain type of regression sessions with a therapist, where you are led back to your early baby and fetal life, you will know without a doubt that you can access your own memories all the way from your conception and throughout the whole pregnancy period, including your own birth. Since the consciousness is already there, even in the earlies stages around conception.

I have done quite a few session of this type with my clients over the years, with people getting extremely surprised at clear fetal memories and impressions that can surface in a session. Including bodily feeling, pain, fear, sorrow, feeling your mothers impressions and different trains of thoughts.

Needless to say, such a personal experience dramatically changes one´s own definition of the consciousness of an unborn child.

“When the love of death supersedes the love of life, the world will know its end. When the love of life supersedes the love of death, the world will be reborn.” (my quote)

Remember the dinosaurs?

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