Continuum of Consciousness

“Uhm… it’s difficult”. Says the boy with a quiet voice and a slightly confused expression on his face. And look at his mother.

I look at him and ask: “What is it exactly that you find difficult? The things you learn in school? Or being with your classmates because they are not nice to you? Or is it your teachers that you don’t like?”

The boy answers in a quiet voice: “What we learn at school. It’s… uhm… just difficult”.

I look at him uncomprehendingly. Because at first, I can’t get his answer to fit at all with what I am seeing in the auric field around him.

In front of me sits a lovely 9-year-old boy with a fantastically bright and calm energy field. Great light and wonderful and intense energy in the field around his head. I often see such a field in particularly gifted children and old souls who have learned many life lessons through many lives and are now incarnating on Earth as an almost finished version of themselves, with special talents they can contribute to the world.

As well as in the children of the new energy wave, who have begun incarnating on Earth in the last 10 – 15 years. They have a completely different energy with them. Incredibly beautiful, intelligent, and light energy fields.

This boy seems extremely intelligent and calm. He almost looks like an adult when he talks. And I think to myself: How can that be? With this energy and potential, he should have a super easy time at school. Because he has so much brain capacity. I wonder what happened to him? Is it a misunderstanding on the part of his teachers?

The mother and the boy are in my clinic because he needs help. He is experiencing increasing learning problems. Possibly dyslexia. ADHD symptoms. They will try to consult schools and doctors to find out what is wrong. The boy does not want to go to school anymore. Not because he doesn’t like school as such, but because of “uhm… it’s difficult”.

Again, I just can’t get his challenge to match with what I am seeing in his energy field. And what I sense about his human potential. And he has great potential indeed.

But when I start his session, the answers come suddenly. And with them, the understanding. My guides show me a lot of stress and fear in this child. Memories from the laboratory where the child was conceived by artificial insemination. A painful and stressful procedure for the small cell that needs to develop into a fetus. The egg gets startled and disoriented.

Both when taken from the mother’s body, during the fertilization process in a dish, and when being transplanted back to the mother. Everything is artificial. The cell is undergoing a violent procedure and it gets scared. The cell’s natural potential is disrupted. Because fear has a disruptive effect on development.

The boy suddenly becomes uncomfortable during the treatment. His body reacts violently. Even though I am hardly touching him at all. The energy work alone is enough. And the energy is working at high pressure now. He feels pain in the navel – where the memories and pain from the cellular stage of his life are stored in the body’s memory.

So we must interrupt the treatment for a while. He takes a break, walks around a bit, and eats a banana. Calms down. And then we continue again on the treatment table.

And then the memories from his birth start flooding in. Again, great stress. Cesarean section. A small baby is suddenly taken from his mother’s stomach due to complications during birth. Instead of being born naturally and slowly. The brain is again affected. Stress and fear.

And then finally the injections, which are given to children in the first years, already from the first days after birth. Where the toxic ingredients pass the blood-brain barrier. The body does not manage to excrete them from there.

The ingredients remain in the brain, possibly also in the liver, and cause inflammation. Still many years later. This has been measured in scientific studies. All of this shuts down the brain’s inherent potential.

The potential is still there. But difficult to access. Unless you get help. So I am incredibly happy that the little boy has ended up in my clinic.

Working with these children stirs mixed feelings inside of me. Children with so-called “diagnoses”. They come regularly to my clinic these years. Children with ADHD, behavioral disorders, learning problems, dyslexia, and autistic spectrum.

However, I don’t see diagnoses when I “look into” these children. Instead, I see the genetic and human potential that has been disrupted, delayed, or shut down. With every artificial intervention that does not follow Nature’s way. The child pays a high price. And society, too.

Fortunately, the child’s potential can often be unlocked and developed again. Many of these children CAN get to flourish again. Get better, or come all the way back to their original full potential. With proper treatment, detox procedures, and the parents’ awareness of what these children really need to thrive – a different diet and different handling of the child’s emotional life and needs.

Admittedly – I get both happy and sad. Happy because I see the child’s potential and know there is hope. The potential is still there in the child’s consciousness.

We can still move things in the right direction. But also sad when I see what we as a society do to these fragile little individuals. How unconscious we are about Life and the laws of Nature. How we are moving towards an increasingly artificial, digital, sterile society, without understanding the Energy of Life (Quantum field / Prana / Chi), that the Universe basically consists of.

We do not have enough imagination to see that every cell has a living consciousness. And full memory of everything that has happened in the cell’s own life and in the genetics from which the cell physically originates. In other words, a child’s consciousness does NOT start at birth. No. It already starts in the ovary. In the egg.

And remembers everything that happens to the cell – the fetus – the child… in an uninterrupted continuum. The awareness is present. Always. And at the same time, it remembers the memories and genetic instructions of the previous generations, which will come to form this particular individual. The Continuum of Consciousness. Incredibly fascinating.

I experience Consciousness as a database from which you can make “data extraction”. Change the data along the way. Update the database with new files (“downloads”) from a higher level of consciousness. Or access existing files with information about the inherent potential of the individual. So much is possible. The Universe is indeed unlimited.

And I’m sure this little boy can get better if they choose to come back and continue with sessions. I really hope they want to do it. Because this little boy deserves it.

What a lovely child.

What a potential.

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Continuum of Consciousness

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