Joyous manifestation

Today I had a couple of experiences that made me wonder about the value we attach to things and situations. And how Universe functions and provides for us in each moment.

I had decided to listen to a free intro course about business fundamentals for online entrepreneurs, on my way to work. The course invitation had landed in my mailbox earlier this morning. So I got a bit curious and wanted to explore the contents. When I got to the train station, I suddenly felt very strongly that I should not go and find a place in my usual train compartment where I sit every day (in the quiet area of the train), but I was guided to a totally different compartment in the middle of the train. So I found a seat there and optimistically put on my earphones, hoping to learn something new.

After half an hour of otherwise pretty good course presentation, I was getting increasingly bored. The presenter, a professional online entrepreneur, was walking us through sales funnels, affiliate marketing, what to sell first, business intelligence, attracting new clients, creating client avatars, and so on. I felt pretty exasperated at last. It is not that I have not heard this stuff before. I have, for the most part. It is not that I don´t understand what they mean by all that. For the most part, I do. But it all seems so… well, mechanical. So logical. So devoid of magic. So soul-less. 

As I sat there, listening, feeling saturated with marketing notions, and getting ready to get off, I had thoughts crossing my mind about the mechanics of manifestation. How we are all programmed in this society to think in a purely logical fashion, so we only expect results from certain actions. Like, if you press this button, certain thing happens. If you send a mail to your clients, you can expect a certain result.  If you don´t do this or that, you of course can´t expect to make money. I sat there thinking about, that all this is fundamentally a very limited perspective since it doesn´t take Universe into account. Because Universe doesn´t think in a linear fashion. It is limitless, boundless, joyful and not very rational from our human point of view. Universe can create opportunities for us out of seemingly hopeless circumstances, if we just know how to listen and perceive in a non-linear way, using our right brain hemisphere. 

I remember that my last thoughts were about Universe surely being able to manifest money in our life without our planning or using linear logic. Like, making money out of nowhere. Without us taking marketing courses and creating massive action plans. I have witnessed it so many times by now in my life that I am personally not in doubt anymore. So I thought to myself, why should I bother listening to stuff that only follows left-brain logic?

At that point, the train reached my stop and I was about to get off.  When I took a step, suddenly I noticed a large 500 Danish krone (approx 60 Euro) bill lying on the floor in front of my feet. I stared at it in disbelief, because I could have sworn that it wasn´t there just a moment ago. It kind of just materialized in front of me. I looked around to see if anybody else seemed to be looking for money that had dropped out of their pockets. The interesting thing was that the other 5-6 passengers around me didn´t seem to notice the bill on the floor at all. Even though they were standing right next to it and even looking down towards the floor. I seemed to be the only one who was able to perceive it.

I picked up the bill, still somewhat in awe, and thanked the Universe for showing up so clearly and instantly responding to my thoughts. At that point, I suddenly understood why I was guided to choose a different train compartment today, instead of the usual Silent Zone. One must say that Universe has humor!

When I came to my clinic, the first thing I did was to open the windows and get some fresh air in. I started preparing the room for the first client of the day. And there, right outside my window, I suddenly saw this little girl. Very cute. Large brown eyes looking at me curiously. Curly brown hair. Pretty little face. She looked at me. I looked at her. Our eyes met. And then something happened. It was pure magic. I felt her. She felt me. She came a bit closer, still curious about me. I smiled at her and asked her: “Hi sweetie, what is your name?” She answered something I didn´t quite understand. Then she pointed at my windows and said with excitement: “Window!” And smiled. I smiled back and said: “Yes, see, I have 3 windows here, and they are all open. Would you like to see what else I have here in my clinic?” She came even closer. She wasn´t afraid or shy at all. She was energetically wide open. Curious. Inquisitive. Those large brown eyes absorbing the world. And everything else I was showing her. My crystals in the window. A glass of water for the client. Furniture in my clinic. I wondered if she would remember my crystals many years in the future, and if she perhaps would become a healer, like me, when she grows up. She didn´t quite understand what I was saying to her, since she was so little, but I felt we were communicating extremely well on a whole different level. She obviously enjoyed my company. And I enjoyed hers. We felt comfortable with each other. I felt she was touching my heart and I was touching hers.

And then her mother came. I asked how old the little girl was. She was only 2. Her name was Sol. The mother told her to come with her, since they had to leave. But she didn´t want to go. She didn´t want to leave me. In the end, her mother had to literally carry her away. 

As I stood there by the window, and the little girl was gone, my thoughts returned to the previous manifestation. The 500 DKK. For me, this amount of money is enough for at least a full week of buying groceries at my local shop. Versus this manifestation of a sweet innocent little girl looking at me inquisitively and seeking my company. And then a question came into my mind: “If you had to choose and keep only one of them, which manifestation would you rather keep? The money or the little girl?” 

The answer hit me like a train. It was suddenly so clear. In my mind, there was no doubt. The money did not really matter. It was a fun manifestation, for sure. Yet I realized it was just a piece of paper with some patterns and numbers printed on it. Which we collectively agree on the value of. Yes, it could buy groceries and provide other interesting and fun experiences. I felt thankful to have manifested it, but it did not really make a big difference. Because it did not make my heart sing. 

But the little girl did. No doubt about that. She made my day. I would have kept that at any time. Taken her little hand, showed her my crystals, talked to her and laughed with her. What a precious creature. What a joyous manifestation. This is what really matters most to me these days – matters of the heart. 🦋

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Joyous manifestation

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